What do we look at before commencing an investment?


  • Capital and potential returns.
  • How long it will take us to retrieve our initial capital back.
  • Management of the business.
  • Political impact on a business.
  • Risks associated with the business.
  • Minimizing of the risks involved.
  • Term of the contract.
  • Ensuring good leverage or means to create one.
  • Potential interest have to beat the inflation rate with healthy margin.
  • Accumulation of potential exponential returns.


Once we have received full breakdown of the business we then ensure all required paper work gets sorted, only then our investor is allowed to invest.

This organization has been structured to benefit both investors and Invest Hub. We also give brief educational talks or breakdown of the business to an investor before anything is initiated.

In this small organization breakdown we will give three business sectors that we can suggest to an investor to consider:


  1. Mining Logistics - Horse and Trailer Truck
  2. Aviation - Helicopter Hiring
  3. Aviation - Private Jet


The information provided on this website was compiled based on negotiations with relevant service providers, hence it is deemed reliable.

Business ideas on this website are sorely a property of WDG therefore unauthorized copy writing is prohibited.

Thank you.