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About us

Invest Hub is an organisation that is all about helping investors to invest in real time assets, businesses that have real time value, guaranteed returns, exponential interest and most importantly "good leverage". We also educate and give real time, minimum interest speculations, risk involved and full transparency before an investment is initiated. It is our priority to help investor spend as little capital as possible, yet making good interest.


Our vision is to make Africa the largest financial strength of the world, by making fellow Africans benefit more on businesses operating across their continent. 

Action Plan

We ensure that African work in unity with little they come with, of which then becomes a good capital when contributed in majority. We then invest and monitor those investments on our client's behalf, growing maximum profits and making sure that they are fairly distributed amongst our investors.

We have more than 20 business contracts across the world that are ready to be initiated, and furthermore businesses that are already fully operational. Such businesses are available for investors to invest in them.

What makes it a good idea to invest with "InvestHub"?

  • This organization is transparent in all aspects.
  • It doesn't hide risks involved.
  • Full risk management plan is outlined clearly.
  • A detailed full business breakdown is given prior to investment. 


  • Interest       - money paid regularly at a particular rate.
  • Leverage    - ratio of the company's capital to the value of its ordinary shares (equity).
  • Capital        - money used to start a business.
  • Profit          - accumulated amount of money paid after expenses.